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Common Myths about PTSO:

Myth: PTSO volunteers need to be at the school during the day.
FACT:  Much of the PTSO work can be done from home on your own schedule, or at events at night or weekends. Yes, there is volunteering during the school day if you are able to do so. But no one does it all, so choose what works best for you.

Myth:  The PTSO Board is only for people that don’t work.
FACT:  The PTSO is for everyone! Our volunteers are mothers, fathers, grandparents, and community volunteers. We have a wide range of volunteers who: stay-at-home; work part-time to full-time; have little ones at home, preschoolers, high schoolers and/or college students; are continuing their own education; and more.


See below for 2024-2025 Board positions. Any parents interested in nominating, email by March 25, 2024.

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COMITÉ PTSO 2020-2021

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